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Real estate lead companies – Fundamentals Explained

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Real estate leads are sales leads identified by a Realtor®, broker or other industry professionals for the purpose of buying, selling, or investing in residential or commercial property. Most agents find there leads from two sources:

The People They Have Met
The People That They Have Not Met Yet
At the heart of generating real estate leads is allied resources. These are people who are in the position to help each other reach their goals. If this is true, then your goal should be to move everyone you know, and will know, to a database called allied resources, often referred to as sphere. Once they labeled as such, then you can consistently market to them through both traditional and online methods (i.e. direct mail, newsletters, phone, lunch, emails, videos, social media, blogging, etc.).read this post here:real estate lead generation.

We prefer the online method because that is where buyers and sellers are looking. Consequently, they are looking at homes online before they ever talk to a Realtor®. And, if you are not in front of them there, then where are you?

Real Estate Leads Online
There are many well-qualified prospects using the Internet to buy or sell their home. Here is an interesting statistic from 2010 NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, Chicago: National Association of Realtors 2010: “95% of individuals between 18-44 use the internet as an information source when searching for their home.” In July 2011, here is what compiled about social media usage:

38,000,000 people in the US, ages 13-80, said their purchasing decisions are influenced by social media. (Source: Knowledge Networks)

1,000,000 people view customer service-related tweets every week. (Source: Twitter)

152.1 million people in the US will use Facebook. (Source: eMarketer)

59% of Internet users use at least one social networking service, compared to 34% who did in 2008. (Source: Pew Internet)

176,000,000 US Internet users watched online video content in May 2011, an average of 15.9 hours per viewer. (Source: comScore)

81 minutes was the average daily use of mobile apps in June 2011, compared to 74 minutes for the web. (Source: Social Times)

12% of US adults had an e-book reader as of May 2011, up from 6% in November 2010. (Sources: Pew Internet)
As you can see, there is a lot of activity online. The point is that people are using the Internet more often and usage is increasing everyday. So again, where are you generating real estate leads? Prospects are critical to your business, regardless of the industry. Without them, you have no business. And no business means no sales. If you are not using social media or blogging, then you are losing potential clients.

Have A Plan
Design an action-oriented plan that helps you consistently build an online social network through blogging and social media while incorporating traditional offline tasks. Meaning, when you do start getting contacts from your online efforts, then you still need call, write thank you letters, drop-by’s, etc. By doing this, you will be well on your way to a successful career in real estate. Having a good plan in place will help bring those contacts that you have not met, from your social network, into your allied resources.


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Using and Maintaining Outdoor Spas

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Outdoor spas are meant for relaxation and therapeutic purposes. Spa pools usually run with hot water hence if not used properly, outdoor spas can pose serious health risks, especially for children. So, if you happen to have one installed in your premises, keep in mind the pros and cons of using it without asking advice from medical professionals, especially if you have medical issues like hypertension.

Soaking in hot water for several minutes can elevate the body’s temperature. We all know that spas offer a lot of benefits but improper use, frequency and duration can pose risks to your health or that of your loved one. You must also understand that soaking in hot spa water temperature, drugs, alcohol and pregnancy is a big no-no. Children and infants are also prohibited to soak in spa water.

If you run your outdoor spa for wellness and therapy, keep in mind that water temperature should never exceed 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Water temperature higher than this can cause unconsciousness, drowsiness and can lead to drowning, so every spa owner should understand that spas can also pose many risks health wise. Recommended soaking time for adults is 15-20 minutes at high temperatures.

Hot water exposure for individuals that are diabetic, hypertensive or have other serious illnesses is not recommended. Hot spa water can also amplify the effects of alcohol and certain medications, so if you or a family member is taking prescription drugs, it is best to consult a doctor first before using the spa.To get learn more about the outdoor hot tub.

If you want your children to enjoy your outdoor spa, it is a good idea to lower the water temperature to make it safer for them to have a dip, but running propulsion water jets whilst toddlers are in the water is also not recommended. Babies should not be in spa water with temperature that’s over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It is of high importance to maintain a safe environment if your children are allowed to swim in your outdoor spa. Drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional injury and death amongst toddlers therefore you should keep in mind NEVER to leave your child alone near any body of water, more so if a child is in the water no matter how shallow it may be.

When it comes to your outdoor spa, there are also other safety concerns that you need not take for granted. Swim spa water sanitation is also of high importance because failure to keep the water clean and disinfected at regular intervals can become a breeding ground for pathogens that are health hazards, too. Using the proper spa sanitizers, maintaining correct levels of water chemistry is needed in order to keep your swimming water clean, clear, odour-free and enjoyable.

Always remember that prior to using a spa; it is vital to make certain that proper water sanitizer levels are being maintained to prevent skin irritation, rashes and other illnesses. Outdoor spas are kept clean by using bromine, chlorine, or biguanide- a compound used as disinfectant. Medically, it is known as Polyaminopropyl biguanide (PAPB) that’s used as an anti-microbial agent in contact lens solutions. This is a non-irritating compound that’s safe for the skin and eyes and can be used as an alternative to chlorine.

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